Eric Mays Biography

Eric Mays an American politician and Flint city councilman, has had a dynamic and tumultuous career in politics. While some aspects of his life remain hidden in mystery, his impact on the political landscape of Flint, Michigan is undeniable.

Early Political Endeavors Of Eric Mays

One notable chapter in Eric Mays’ political journey began in 2014 when he decided to throw his hat into the ring as an electoral candidate for the Michigan State House of Representatives, District 34. Though his true age remains unknown, his appearance suggests that he was likely in his 50s at the time. This decision marked the beginning of his active involvement in Michigan politics.

Running for office in 2014 wasn’t easy for Mays, as he faced formidable opponents. Notable figures in Michigan’s political scene, such as Sheldon Neeley of the Democratic Party and Bruce Rogers of the Republican Party, were vying for the same seat. Ultimately, Sheldon Neeley emerged victorious with an impressive 91.1% of the vote, while Bruce Rogers secured the second position with 29.6% of the vote. Mays, unfortunately, received just 6.9% of the people’s vote, signaling a tough political battle.

Early Life and Education

Eric Mays hails from Flint, Michigan, a city situated along the Flint River, approximately 66 miles northwest of Detroit. Flint is known for being the largest city and the seat of Genesee County, Michigan. It plays a pivotal role within the broader region of Mid Michigan. Mays was born into a Christian, middle class family that worked diligently to provide him with the best education and opportunities in life. His educational journey unfolded within the city of Flint itself, where he received his primary and high school education.

Following his completion of high school, Mays embarked on an academic journey that would shape his future. He enrolled at Michigan University, a renowned institution, where he not only pursued higher education but also excelled, graduating with honors.

Eric Mays’ struggle into politics began over a decade ago. In 2013, he achieved a significant milestone by winning a seat on the Flint City Council. He fought hard for his victory, with a mere eight vote margin separating him from his opponent, Anita Brown. His four year tenure as a council member marked the beginning of his dedicated service to the people of Flint.

However, 2015 saw Mays taking a leap into more significant political terrain as he contended for the position of Mayor of Flint. His opponents included the incumbent mayor, Dayne Walling, businesswoman Karen Weaver, and Councilman Wantwaz Davis. During this period, Mays became embroiled in controversy due to an incident where he made a Nazi salute and compared the council’s leader to Adolf Hitler during a public meeting. This incident led to his removal from his positions.

Notably, Mays had previously held the role of vice president of the city councilmen and served as the financial committee chair before his controversial actions caused his downfall. His tumultuous relationship with Council President Monica Galloway also came to a head during a heated exchange in a January 13, 2020 council meeting.

Despite these setbacks, Mays made a triumphant return to the Flint City Council in 2021. However, his time as council president was lived short, as he was removed from this position just a month later. This period marked a continuation of clashes with fellow council members and Mayor Sheldon Neeley, culminating in his ongoing court trial to prove his innocence.

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Legal Troubles and Controversies

March 2023 proved to be a challenging month for Eric Mays. The popular Flint City Councilman found himself convicted of disorderly conduct, further complicating his political journey.Eric Mays Biography

In a shocking turn of events on April 5, 2023, Mays was removed from yet another council meeting. He had engaged in a disturbing exchange with a fellow council member, peppering them with repeated racial slurs. This altercation resulted in the City Council’s inability to complete it’s work for the second consecutive week due to a lack of members.

Mays’ behavior during this incident was nothing short of controversial. He directed racially insensitive language at his colleague, Quincy Murphy, who had accused him of dishonesty earlier in the meeting. Mays, who is Black, referred to Murphy, also Black, in derogatory terms, sparking outrage among his peers.

Amidst the chaos, Mays asserted that some council members were attempting to silence him, infringing upon his freedom of speech and treating him differently than others. He even threatened legal action, stating his intention to “sue the hell out of you all.”

This was not Mays’ first legal battle with the city. In a 2021 federal lawsuit, he alleged that city officials violated both his and his constituent’s constitutional rights by repeatedly removing him from council meetings and subjecting him to false arrest. However, this lawsuit was ultimately dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Bernard A. Friedman, who also ordered Mays to reimburse the city a substantial sum in legal fees, amounting to $34,975.

The culmination of these legal woes came in the form of a conviction for disorderly conduct stemming from a 2022 meeting. A Genesee District Court jury found Mays guilty, and his sentencing was scheduled for April 25, 2023. In an effort to challenge this verdict, Mays filed a court motion, arguing that a fellow council member, Allie Herkenroder, had provided false testimony during his trial. He contended that this testimony should have been corrected before the jury that convicted him.

Adding to this string of incidents, Mays walked out of another committee meeting just two weeks prior after being asked to remove himself due to disruptive behavior.

As it stands, Eric Mays faces potential consequences for his disorderly conduct conviction, including a jail sentence of up to 90 days and a fine of up to $500. Mays has expressed his disappointment with the verdict, adamantly declaring his innocence. The next verdict in his ongoing legal saga is scheduled for April 25, 2023.

Financial Struggles and Net Worth

Eric Mays

Eric Mays’ financial situation remains a mystery. His tenure as a Flint city councilman has been fraught with financial challenges, largely due to the legal issues that have punctuated his political career. As he struggles with these obstacles, Mays has turned to crowdfunding for support. Through his GoFundMe account, he has managed to raise over $15,000 from supporters across the country, as well as within the Flint community.

the journey of Eric Mays, the Flint City Councilman, is a complex and often tumultuous one. While details about his early life and age remain elusive, his presence in Flint City politics has been both impactful and controversial. From electoral battles to legal disputes, Mays’ story is a testament to the challenges and intricacies of a life in politics.

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